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How to Earn Supply Points and Accomplishments in Back 4 Blood

The Back 4 Blood game offers two different ways to earn Supply Points and Accomplishments. One method focuses on Accomplishments, which will earn you more SP than cosmetics. The other method will help you earn more SP by completing shorter missions. These methods will help you to level up faster and get better weapons and armor.

Prioritizing cards over cosmetics

While it may be tempting to prioritize cosmetics, cards are a better investment and earn you more supply points. Back 4 Blood offers a variety of supply lines that each provide players with cards that will match their playstyle. In order to maximize your rewards, it is important to research all of the different lines to decide what to prioritize. If you want to earn more supply points, focus on cards that will help you tackle harder difficulty levels.

While Back 4 Blood isn’t the best zombie shooter, it does have many strengths over the original Left 4 Dead games. It has an excellent progression system and a variety of missions that are consistently fun. It’s also a great way to build a customized character. Fortunately, earning Supply Points will help you avoid having to constantly start over after every run.

In Back 4 Blood, you can play solo or with a squad. While the game’s solo mode offers some advantages, it is difficult to win without a squad. You’ll need to coordinate loadouts with your squad members to maximize your supply points.

In Back 4 Blood, supply points are important for the overall gameplay loop. Without them, you’ll struggle to complete missions, especially if the difficulty breaks are challenging. Fortunately, it is possible to earn Supply Points without sacrificing your cosmetics. This is especially useful if you don’t have a lot of money.

In Back 4 Blood, supply points are earned by completing campaign levels and Swarm sessions. You can also get supply points by completing challenges. The best way to earn Supply Points is by completing Supply Runs. Using the Supply Runs feature will increase your Supply Points and allow you to buy better Cards.

Shortest missions in Back 4 Blood

Back 4 Blood introduces Supply Lines, which are a new way for players to unlock useful equipment and vanity items. There are three lines in total, and each one has nodes where players can spend Supply Points to unlock an item. Getting all the nodes will unlock a new item. As you progress through the game, the items will become stronger and more powerful.

The Supply Points that are earned are useful for upgrading guns in Back 4 Blood, and they will be helpful for completing the higher-difficulty levels. Using Supply Points on guns will give you the edge you need to make it through the more challenging levels.

Fortunately, Back 4 Blood has a number of short missions to earn supply points. You can earn a lot of supply points in the shortest amount of time by completing the Sound of Thunder or Heralds of the Worm Part 1 missions. These missions can take less than five minutes, but they require a focused team.



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