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How to Beat Mega Absol in Pokemon Go

If you are unsure how to beat Mega Absol, there are several strategies you can use to help you get the best possible results. The most effective way to counter Mega Absol is to use a Fighting or Steel type like Lucario. These Pokemon can withstand the Bug and Dark moves that Mega Absol uses. Lucario can also be upgraded with a Mega Lopunny boost, which can make them perform even better. However, Lucario requires Riolu as it is the only way to evolve and get it. Unfortunately, Riolu can only be obtained through rare eggs, so many players do not have them. Once you have Lucario, you can use Aura Sphere and Counter to take the Mega Absol down.

Psychic type

If you’re looking for information on how to beat Mega Absol in Pokemon GO, you’ve come to the right place. Absol is a Dark type Pokemon that is capable of Mega Evolution. It is a powerful Pok√©mon with the ability to sense subtle changes in the environment. It can even foretell disasters and often descends from mountains to warn people about a disaster. Due to its dreary aura, Absol is not a good choice for battles.

Mega Absol is only found in Mega raids. These raids are similar to legendary Pokemon five-star raids, and are on par with them in difficulty. This means that you’ll need the strongest team possible. It’s also a good idea to have friends to help you. Mega Absol Mega raid guides will help you understand its weaknesses and counters, so you can get the best advantage against this challenging Pokemon.

Mega Absol is most effective when it’s fought with Fighting or Fairy types. Fortunately, the Go Battle League has given Pokemon the skills to take on Mega Absol. During these battles, you’ll receive Absol Mega Energy, which will help you in your battles. The Mega Absol also doesn’t have a catch-related CP level, so it’s best to have a Pokemon that specializes in fighting.

The next Raid Hour is Wednesday, October 20 from 6pm to 7pm PT. The Halloween 2021 event continues throughout the week and ends on Halloween night at 8pm local time. The event includes costumed Pokemon like Pikachu, Piplup, Drifblim, and Pumpkaboo in all sizes. It also introduces new Pokemon like Galarian Slowking, Phantump, and Trevenant. In addition, Mega Absol makes his debut as a Raid boss.

Mega Absol is the new Mega evolution of the Absol Pokemon. It was released during the 2021 Halloween event in Pokemon GO. This new Mega Pokemon requires Mega Energy, which is obtained by defeating Mega Absol in a mega raid. While Mega Absol is not a very bulky monster, it has incredible damage. It has a number of weaknesses and counters, and this guide will help you beat Mega Absol in Pokemon GO.

Fairy type

There are a few tips you can use to defeat Mega Absol in Pokemon Go. This monster is considered to be one of the hardest Pokemon in the game. It only appears in Mega raids and requires a special team to defeat. This means relying on friends or a group of strong Pokemon. Mega Absol is susceptible to several attacks and has many weaknesses. In this guide, you’ll learn which moves can work against it and which ones won’t work.

The best Pokemon to use against Mega Absol are fighting and fairy-type Pokemon. Fairy-types such as Togekiss and Zacian are great counters. Mega Absol’s weak defenses make it easy to take down with Fighting-type Pokemon. In Raids, you’ll be rewarded with Absol Mega Energy when you defeat it.

When Mega Evolving, Absol emits a terrible aura. The dark nature of this monster makes it vulnerable to Fighting-type and Bug-type moves. To counter this, you can use the Fast TMs or Charged TMs. These TMs can be found in raids and during Special Research tasks. These moves will help you change your Pokemon’s moveset to something that will beat Mega Absol in Pokemon Go.

Mega Absol is a new monster in Pokemon Go and it can be a challenging opponent. This monster is not particularly bulky, but it does have some amazing moves and can deal unbelievable damage. While it isn’t very difficult to defeat, you’ll need to be prepared for a long battle.

The best way to defeat Mega Absol is to enter the battle with enough friends, burn through Rare Candy, and use Pokemon that take advantage of the boss’s weaknesses. During the battle, be sure to use your TMs and Stardust. It’s also important to know that the Season of Mischief event is coming up soon, so be sure to stay tuned for the new details.

Fighting type

If you’re wondering how to beat Mega Absol in Pokemon Go, you’ve come to the right place. Mega Absol is a new raid boss in the game that will be available starting October 22. The event will feature special spawns and limited time Raid bosses, as well as new Mega Pokemon, including Mega Absol. In order to defeat Mega Absol, you need to collect Mega Energy. This energy can be obtained by completing various tasks and walking with your Buddy.

There are three strategies you can use against Absol, and you can use them in any order. The best fast move for Absol is Snarl. Other offensive moves to use are Dark Pulse and Payback. As a three star raid boss, Absol is likely to require a team of Pokemon to defeat it. However, if you have a strong team, you should be able to defeat the battle alone. Alternatively, if you have friends, teaming up with them may be the most effective strategy for defeating Absol.

Another effective strategy for beating Mega Absol is to use a Fighting-type Pokemon. You should duo it with a Fighting type Pokemon when the weather is cloudy. Mega Absol has a Psycho Cut attack and most likely has Snarl as Fast as well. If you’re able to use the right type of Pokemon in this situation, you’ll be able to defeat Mega Absol relatively easily.

Mega Absol’s main weakness is the Fighting type. The best counters for it include Fighting-types and Fairy-types. In addition to Fighting-types, Fairy and Bug-type Pokemon are great backups for Mega Absol. Mega Absol will only take down Fighting-type Pokemon, but it will not take down Psychic and Ghost types.

As a Fighting-type, Mega Absol is weak to Bug and Fighting-type moves. A Fighting-type Pokemon, such as Lucario, is the best counter. These Pokemon have massive Attack stats and will perform well when used against Mega Absol. This makes them excellent counters in Mega Absol Raid battles. Lucario has two types of moves: Counter and Aura Sphere.


If you’re playing Pokemon GO, you’re probably wondering how to beat Mega Absol. Absol is a three-star raid boss, and you’ll most likely need a team of Pokemon to defeat him. While it’s possible to beat the raid on your own, it’s far easier to do so with a friend or powerful team.

The first step is to find a good counter for Mega Absol. The most effective counters against this Dark-type are Fairy, Bug, and Fighting. Be sure to use a move that will give you the advantage. For example, if Mega Absol gets hit by a Psychic attack, you can counter with Shadow Hariyama.

Another tip for beating Mega Absol is to use a Fairy-type Pokemon. Its attacks deal high damage and it has a high CP value. If you use a Fairy-type Pokemon like Zacian, be sure to use a move that plays wild charge. In general, you’ll need a full team of six Pokemon to beat Mega Absol.

Mega Absol’s weakness is Fighting-type moves. The most effective counters for Mega Absol are Fairy attacks. The biggest advantage of a Fairy-type attack against Mega Absol is that it doesn’t have a lot of bulk. If you’re able to find a good Mega Candy, you can take out Mega Absol.

If you’re unsure how to counter Mega Absol, you can try using Machamp. This is one of the best counters to Mega Absol, and has been in the game since the start. It has also been featured in Community Days and other events. You can also get Trade Evolution on this Pokemon, which will give you an upper-hand over Mega Absol.



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