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How to Unlock All Mini Games in Super Mario Party 6

There are several ways to unlock every single mini game in Super Mario Party. You can play in multiple game modes, play as a team, and unlock Characters. Depending on your level of experience, you can also unlock the Gem of love. There are also a number of Gem of love minigames. These are all ways to beat the game without wasting time or energy. So, start playing the game and unlock all the mini games today!

Game modes

The latest update for Super Mario Party includes online multiplayer support for three different game modes, including a board game mode where four players compete and a partner mode where two players work together. Before the update, only ten minigames were available online, but now there are 70! Until now, the game only offered 10 minigames online, so you’ll have to try them all out in person. To make the experience even better, you can arrange stickers on backgrounds and share screenshots with your friends and family.

In the multiplayer mode, you and your friends can compete in free-for-all battles or team battles, where players compete on a board map. During a battle, players in teams share stars and coins. You can also customize your battles by choosing the board map to play on (you can’t play on unlocked boards). You can also set the number of turns you want your opponents to have to complete the match. The number of turns you get is adjustable in increments of five.

The game also features five collectible Gems. To unlock these gems, you need to complete various challenges in the Mario Party game. Completing all four Mario Party boards will earn you the Gem of Tenacity. In addition, the Sound Stage Hard difficulty will unlock the Gem of Courage. When you complete all of the Partner Party and Challenge Road stages, you can earn the Gem of Love. Once all five gems are collected, you can then stand on the victory podium as a “Super Star”.

Another feature that is unique to Super Mario Party is online multiplayer support. There are two ways to play online: using a password to create a game, or a Friend Match mode where you play with friends. With both options, you can play with up to four players, and only one Switch can bring a second player online. However, before the latest update, Super Mario Party online functions were limited to 10 mini-games. With online multiplayer support, players can play a variety of mini-games, and it can be a great alternative to Animal Crossing: New Horizons and Jackbox.


You can unlock the full set of characters in Super Mario Party 6 by earning the necessary amount of Cruise Mileage Points at the Duty-Free Shop. You can also unlock the characters by playing the regular Mario Party mode and participating in the Partner Party mode. To unlock the characters, you can spend at least 1,000 Cruise Mileage Points at the Duty-Free Shop. Each pair of partners has special orbs that can only be obtained by designated players.

Team minigames

In Super Mario Party, the goal is to collect as many coins as possible and earn rewards. You can unlock new items by playing minigames. Some of these are more difficult than others, but they are all fun! Team minigames are played by forming teams of three or more players. Once you’ve accumulated enough coins, you’ll unlock new team minigames, like Punching in the Caboose.

Super Mario Party includes eighty minigames, but not all of them are available at first. You’ll have to complete each mode multiple times to unlock each one. You’ll notice “?” when you try to select a minigame in Free Play or on Minigame Roulette. Once you unlock all of these minigames, you can go on to Challenge Road, but until you’ve unlocked all of them, you won’t be able to access the other modes.

In this minigame, players must collect packages from the residents of the Mushroom Kingdom. They have to make it to the top floor of the apartment complex. Once they reach the top floor, they can then collect packages from other players. You’ll need a team of three players to collect packages. In addition to collecting packages, they can also steal other players’ packages. To get a better score, you can choose to use a team of three players, which makes the game more enjoyable for everyone.

Rhythm games are the best way to unlock new team minigames in Super Mario Party. There are many types of rhythm games, including Time To Shine, but one of the most fun is Slaparazzi, where you have to beat the Koopa Troopa paparazzi to appear in the photos. You can knock others away or stun them to keep them out of the camera. The more recognizable you are in the pictures, the more points you’ll earn.

Bumper Balls are another team minigame in Super Mario Party. This is reminiscent of the old Bumper Balls game. Players have to race against each other to collect all of the balls that are bouncing around. The winner of the game is the team with one member left. So, get ready to play and unlock more team minigames! This video game has a ton of fun for everyone.

Gem of love

To unlock the Gem of love, you need to complete all four game boards in the partner party mode. However, not every mode is available from the start, so you may need to do some additional steps to unlock the gem. Once you complete all four game boards, you will be able to view the final cutscene. This is a fun way to complete the game! There are four main game modes in Super Mario Party: Mario Party, Sound Stage, River Survival, and Challenge Road. You can also unlock these gems after you complete the other modes.

The game features five different types of gems, each one of which unlocks a different ability in the game. The first gem, called the Gem of Tenacity, can be unlocked after completing all four boards in standard Mario Party mode. The second gem, called the Gem of Love, is only unlocked after completing all four boards in Partner Party mode. The final gem, called the Gem of Courage, is also easy to obtain, but it does require a lot of hard work.

The next gem is the Gem of Love. To get this gem, you must play the game in Partner Party mode. This can be done by completing all four levels of the standard Mario Party mode. In addition to this, you need to complete three of the bonus boards to unlock the fourth gem, the Gem of Love. Alternatively, you can also unlock the Gem of Tenacity by completing three of the four standard Mario Party boards.

To unlock the Gem of Love, you must complete the following requirements in the game: Play the four Partner Party boards, complete all four of the Challenge Road worlds, and play all four boards in Partner Party. In addition, you also need to finish the Challenge mode. You can also unlock the Gem of Passion by completing all four challenge routes in Sound Stage mode. These are just a few of the many ways to unlock the Gem of love in Super Mario Party.



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