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How to Make Warcraft 3 Widescreen

If you have a CRT monitor, it’s not possible to play the game in widescreen mode. But if you have a video card that supports non-standard resolutions, you can change the resolution of the game. You will need to restart the game to make the changes take effect.

Non-standard resolutions can be supported by a video card

A video card can support non-standard resolutions, which differ from standard resolutions. These resolutions are typically different than those on a television or monitor, and require additional memory. Computers manufactured in the last three years usually come with sufficient memory to support higher resolutions. Check with the manufacturer of your video card for specific details.
Changing the game’s native resolution requires restarting the game

To change the resolution of a game, find the display menu and choose the resolution that the game supports. If the game is running in full-screen mode, it will fail to load in the correct resolution. To avoid this, switch the game to windowed mode or disable full-screen optimization. If you still experience this problem, try changing the resolution of Windows itself. Then, try launching the game in the new resolution.



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