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How to Make a Sim a Ghost in The Sims 3

The Sims 3 has a neat new ghost mechanic that allows you to make a character remain after you’ve died. It’s a handy option if you have unfinished business or a character that you really like. Basically, it’s the first step toward resurrecting your Sim.


You can make your Sim a ghost in Ambrosiia by cooking a certain dish. This dish will make your Sim go ghostly and rise into the air. In order to make the recipe, you will need to gather ingredients. These ingredients can be purchased in the debug section or with the cheat bb.showhiddenobjects. In The Sims 4 you can also get angelfish and death flowers if you have the Realm of Magic game pack. You can even clone the finished dish by using the copypasto cheat.

In Ambrosia, you can also revive a ghost Sim. This will also reset the Sim’s age so that they’ll be younger than when they died. You can also feed the ghost Sim if they are a part of an active household. However, it’s important to remember that ghost Sims won’t be able to eat ambrosia. In addition, you’ll lose their elder life stage if you feed them with this item.

Making ambrosia is a simple process. You need to have a Gourmet cooking skill to create the potion. The hardest part is getting the ingredients. First, level up your Gardening Skill. Then, you can use grafting tools to create an ambrosia plant. The grafting method involves clipping a part of two plants and inserting it into the base of another plant. The result is a new type of plant.

Alternatively, you can cook gourmet meals by cooking an Ambrosia recipe. This dish requires a Gourmet cooking skill at level 10. You should have all the skills leveled up before you start cooking.

Death flower

In order to acquire the Death flower, you have to level up your gardening skill. Once you reach level five, you can start grafting cuttings of different plants to create hybrids. You can start by growing the seeds of apple, cherry, pomegranate, snapdragon, and lily. These seeds can be obtained in the Goths’ home in Willow Creek and in the commercial district.

After you have obtained the flower, you can offer it to the Grim Reaper. After he takes it, the ghost will come back with slightly raised Motives. You can then use the flower to fix the Motive that led to their death. The flower will also make the Sim’s fun need empty and leave them with the moodlet “Stressed Out.”

When it comes to getting the Death Flower, you can only get it from a special plant, like an orchid. To grow this plant, you need a special skill called herbalism. You can also graft two different plants to make the Death Flower. To graft two plants, you must have Pomegranate and Orchid. Although the Angelfish is not craftable, it is still possible to obtain it through cheats.

You can also cheat in order to get a Death Flower. To get the death flower, you must first reach level five in gardening. If you still cannot find it in the game, you can use the cheat bb.showhiddenobjects to unlock it. Alternatively, you can purchase a cheat that makes the Death Flower appear in the game’s search bar.

Death is a unique trait of Sims, and there are several ways to bring them back to life. However, you must have advanced skills to resurrect a dead Sim. In addition to this, using the Book of Life will no longer make the Sim come back. However, if the Sims die while using the Wishing Well, they will return in the same age group as when they died.


If you want to make an angelfish sim a Ghost in The Sims 4, you can make him/her eat the ambrosia. The angelfish is a very difficult fish to catch. But you can use a cheat to buy the ingredients that you need.

Ghosts are similar to living Sims, but they can also pass through obstacles and interact with living Sims. They will also interact with other living Sims in the game, which is called Mischief. The trick is the same for both. You will need two DLCs to bring a ghost back to your Sim’s house.

First, you must have a Gourmet Cooking skill. You will need to have at least level 10 of Cooking to make the ambrosia. You will also need to catch angelfish. Besides, you will also need a Death Flower and a Potion of Youth. You can find both items at Willow Creek.

Angelfish can be found in the Willow Creek River and in the Oasis Springs ponds. You can also catch them in the Community lot. The Angelfish can be cooked by your Sim by using your cooking skills. You can also find recipes and ingredients for this type of cooking in the Cook gourmet meal interaction.

You can also make an angelfish sim a ghost by killing another Sim. This method is the easiest, but it requires that you have two older Sims in your household. Otherwise, the game will end. In the case of an angelfish sim, the ghost will be able to interact with other playable characters, though he or she will not be able to talk to them.

Ghosts are extremely uncomfortable creatures. They will need lots of attention, but they can also be controlled. If you can’t control them, they will engage in destructive and antisocial behavior, causing moodlets in nearby Sims.

Potion of Youth

If you’ve ever wanted to turn your Sim into a ghost, you can use the Potion of Youth, but you’ll need a level 10 cooking skill or gourmet cooking skill to prepare it. The good news is that the Potion of Youth is transferable, so you can give it to any sim in the world. However, it’s best to keep it in the inventory of the sim you want to use it on. Otherwise, other Sims in the household might consume it.

The Potion of Youth is a nifty item, but it can be difficult to acquire. The most effective way to get one is to fish for an angelfish in a pond. However, catching one of these fish isn’t easy, and you need to be very patient. Using a frog as bait can help increase the chance of reeling in an Angelfish. You can also use frogs found in ponds to get fish bait.

To make the Potion of Youth, you need to make the Sim level 10 Gourmet Cooking skill. You’ll also need a Death Flower, Angelfish, and Potion of Youth. You can catch these items in Willow Creek or buy them for 1,500 satisfaction points each. Alternatively, you can use a guide to get the Death Flower.

You can also make a Sim a ghost by killing them. To do this, you will need to make sure that your Sims are both older and in the same household. If you don’t, you’ll end up losing the game. If you choose to do this, be sure to use the Restore feature.

Adding a tombstone

Adding a tombstone to make ‘ghosts’ is easy. All you need is a Sim with a tombstone. This can be found in the graveyard. Your Sim can also go to the Science Lab and use the’resurrect sim’ cheat to resurrect them. A ghost Sim can still do normal Sim things, like play games and interact with other Sims.

You can easily add a tombstone to your Sim’s graveyard by visiting the Edit Town tab. Alternatively, you can decorate your public lot with tombstones. Once placed, tombstones will return to the family inventory. However, you can only use them once, so make sure to place them properly.

Once you’ve placed a tombstone, your Sim can now walk over it. This way, he or she can interact with it and feel sad. The sad Moodlet will last for four hours after the tombstone has been placed. In addition, a tombstone will also contain an option called Release Spirit to the Netherworld, which will remove the dead Sim from your game permanently.

You can also resurrect a dead Sim by putting a tombstone in the house of a related Sim. Then, your ghost will join your family, and you can invite him or her to live with you. In addition, you can even invite a ghost into your household if you don’t want it to stay there.

Adding a tombstone to make ‘ghosts’ is not as difficult as you might think. The tombstone will also make your sim a ghost if you’ve left an urn in the house. You can also use the urn to turn your sim into a tombstone in Sims 4.



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