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How to Kill Drowners in the Water in World of Warcraft

The most effective way to kill drowners is to use their Necrophage Oil. This is an essential item for drowners, but you should know that you should only use it if you have a higher level of the monster. You should also have some other items nearby, like a Depth Strider and some Fire-based bombs, which can be used on a group of drowners. These are great weapons for saving lives in the water, and they also look pretty cool!

Necrophage Oil

The use of dead oil to kill drowners in the water is a popular method of killing this cowardly monster. Drowners are typically found in groups of three or more, and they tend to hang out near the water. They may pop up and surprise you by threatening you, or they may disappear in the water. If you’ve been near the water recently, then you’ve probably seen a drowner.

This oil can be applied to silver swords and is best for killing Drowners in the water. It works best when applied to a silver sword, and it adds about 10% to your attack power. Enhanced and superior Necrophage Oil can make Geralt a Drowner’s nightmare. Remember to oil your blades before facing a Drowner. You’ll find that you’ll have a much easier time defeating them once you use the Necrophage Oil.

Necrophage Oil is also very effective in killing rotfiends, which are the common culprits in drowning. They have immunity to common poisons and cannot bleed to death. This makes them an ideal target for witchers because their methods are quite effective. These creatures resemble decomposing human bodies, and they’re highly resistant to damage and can only be killed by necrophage oil.


Igni is a powerful spell which is effective against the enemy Water Hag. When he sneak attacks, he can cause the water to spit out a yellow gas that will burn the Water Hag to death. The other option is to use the Aard to break the wall. Aard will clear the poisonous gas, but the player must move quickly to avoid it. In order to kill the Water Hag, use the Igni to clear the area from the yellow gas.

Drowners are very common enemies in the game. They attack in packs of three and often burrow once they spot a prey. They are weak to the Igni Sign and are also more prone to being burned by a bolt of flame. Using the Yrden Sign to slow down the Drowner’s movement will also make it easier for you to use Igni to kill the water hag.

Igni has a low damage and is effective in melee combat. This skill can also be used to kill the wolf when you encounter a wolf in a dungeon. You should watch out for Quen’s movements and fire the wolf when the chance presents itself. Usually, this type of attack will cause the player to go under the water and lose their lives.

Fire-based bombs

Using fire-based bombs to kill drowners in water can be a very effective way to eliminate these opportunistic players. Drowners have a unique way of approaching you and they will often hide near the water and then charge you from behind. The best way to avoid their attacks is to sidestep and strike them with a sword or two. However, be prepared for packs of drowners as they will always keep you on your toes. They are also weak to fire so use igni to set them on fire, making them immobile and easily killed.

While using a crossbow to kill drowners in the water is the most effective way to deal with them, it does require mods and console commands to do so. If you want to use a grenade under water, it is recommended to lure them to shallow water first. A crossbow will kill them without much difficulty, and a crossbow will throw them off balance. If you don’t want to risk a drowning enemy, you can always use the crossbow.

Long-ranged abilities

While Drowners are extremely hard to kill when they are near water, they can be hard to spot. As a result, they usually hang out near lakes or other bodies of water. Bombs can be used to scatter them and increase their damage, and Dragon’s Dream Bombs can be used to ignite gas in the middle of battle. Whether or not you want to focus on one Drowner at a time, make sure to use long-ranged abilities to make them vulnerable to surprise attacks.

Drowners cannot parry normal Aard or sweeping Aard, and they cannot be stunned by the Sign. This means that counterattacking a drowner will temporarily immobilize him. Multiple Drowners are even more dangerous as they can evade the Aard and Sign. Even the Axii will be too slow to stun a Drowner. Nonetheless, the long-range abilities mentioned above will help you deal with multiple Drowners and their hordes at once.

Talking to witnesses

The quest to kill the drowners in the water begins when you read the notice board in Kaer Trolde in Ard Skellig. You will meet Rurik, a Boatwright’s Apprentice. He will tell you about the drowners that killed his cousin Ulf and his wife, Tove. Both will mention the Kjerag Cliffs. When you talk to both of these people, you will receive 25 xp.



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