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How to Get Series Points in Forza 5

There are many ways to earn series points in Forza 5. You can do so by completing events such as Monthly Events, Weekly challenges, and Hot Wheels expansions. These challenges will earn you points and unlock new cars, including some exclusive models. However, there are a few steps you need to take to get started.

Monthly Events

There are a few ways to earn series points in Forza 5. First, you can race Monthly Rivals, where you earn points towards a particular Series. You can get one point for each clean lap you complete. Next, you can get points for participating in the Monthly Challenge. If you complete these events, you can unlock a new car for your series.

There are several events for each season. Some of them reward players with different prizes and hard-to-find cars. The rewards range from exclusive and hard-to-find cars to credits and avatar clothing. The first monthly challenge, Horizon Road Trip, is themed around street racing. For this event, you must complete a specific number of challenges to get a reward car.

The Festival Playlist is a monthly rotating list of challenges that you can complete in the game. You can find it in the “Campaign” section of the pause menu. Once you complete all of the challenges, you will receive series points. In addition to monthly events, you can also earn points in the Season Playlist. Each Season contains four different events, each lasting for a week. Once you reach a certain amount of Series points, you can unlock the McLaren 765LT, an ultra-rare car.

The Summer Season is the next event in the Forza Horizon 5 Series. It runs from July 21 to July 28 and features a collaboration with Extreme E. This event also includes new cars and vehicles such as the Odyssey 21 e-SUV. It also coincides with the release of the Hot Wheels DLC.

Weekly challenges

In Forza 5 weekly challenges, you must complete a certain task to get a certain number of points. The tasks are generally related to one car or a certain car type. Generally, you must get into a certain car and take a photo of it. Occasionally, you will also need to take a photo of another car or a mural.

Forza Horizon 5 has a new series of challenges. Each of these challenges is worth a certain amount of points and can be spent in the Forzathon Shop. The series consists of four different challenges, each relating to a specific car or type. When you complete one challenge, you will get 80 Forza Points and five series points.

One of these challenges is called the Road Racing Series and is for low-powered A Class (800-900PI) cars. The goal is to win a street race by working together with other players to complete the task. If you complete this challenge with other players, you will receive ten points and a brand new Aston Martin DB11 as a prize.

Rivals is another way to get series points. You can also compete in PR Stunts to get a few extra points. The two new events for the month of April are based on new Audi models. Each of them gives four series points and are added to your season. Each one requires a clean lap around the Rivals course. This doesn’t mean you should speed up or go for a fast leaderboard time to get points from them.

Hot Wheels expansions

In Forza 5, players can earn series points by completing the new Hot Wheels expansions. These expansions add new tracks and vehicles. They also allow players to create custom track layouts. This includes the use of the EventLabs and new stunt pieces. The new pieces snap together to create seamless transitions. You can use these pieces to create custom track layouts for the main game’s open world.

The first expansion, Horizon 6, adds a bright orange track. You can unlock new challenges by earning series points. You can also explore the Hot Wheels history by visiting specific locations. You can also unlock clothing and vehicles from the brand, too. You can also earn series points by completing missions in the new expansions.

The new Forza Horizon 5 expansions contain many hot wheels cars. They also include a Hot Wheels park on a floating island. This island consists of four islands that are connected to each other by tracks. They include the central Horizon Nexus, the Ice Cauldron, the Forest Falls, and the Giant’s Canyon. There are also missions in the Hot Wheels DLC.

The Hot Wheels expansion is a huge upgrade from the last expansion. It adds a lot of new features that make the game more accessible for all players. One of these features is the ability to turn off motion blur, which can be distracting while driving at high speeds. Other features include the field of view sliders and stunt steering assist. Players can also choose “easier” difficulty levels, which are perfect for younger or inexperienced gamers.

Monthly Rivals

You can earn series points in Forza 5 monthly rivals by finishing events in the Monthly Rivals mode. Each event is worth four series points and requires a clean lap. Each event requires a different car. To earn these points, you need to complete the event with the car that is offered for that event.

There are 13 different cars available in Monthly Rivals and three new to the Forza franchise. One new car is the Audi RS e-tron GT. The second is the McLaren 765LT, a return from previous Forza games. The third car is the Koenigsegg CCGT, a fictional aborted race car that was originally designed to compete in GT1. The car was modified to fit GT1 regulations, removing the superchargers and enlarging the V8 to five liters.

Emerald Circuit

If you’re an avid racer, you’ve likely wondered how to get series points in Forza 5. Getting these points is not difficult, but it is important to do it correctly. There are two ways to do it: monthly rivalries and ‘rare’ rewards. Monthly rivals require that you complete at least one clean lap on the Emerald Circuit. The first is the Wet Season, which is a monthly event on the Emerald Circuit. If you complete the Wet Season, you’ll receive the ‘Rare’ reward.

The EV challenge puts you in a battery-powered Audi RS e-tron GT, while Monthly Rivals puts you in a Koenigsegg CCGT, a race car that was originally designed for GT1 competition, but was deemed too powerful. To make it within the regulations, the car was stripped of superchargers and enlarged to five liters.

Forza EV

As you complete challenges in Forza 5 you will earn points and gain experience in the form of series points. To increase your series points you must complete certain tasks in specific cars. This is called Car Mastery. However, it is possible to get more points in other ways, including completing challenges with your own cars.

You will need to collect a certain number of points in a particular season. For example, you need 80 points to unlock the Series 12 car. Similarly, you need 160 points to unlock the hard-to-find McLaren 765LT. Depending on your level, you can get exclusive cars if you have a high number of points in a given season.

The Forza series has also gained a new currency called Forzathon Points. These points can be used to purchase exclusive items in the Forzathon Shop. Using these points in your game will enable you to unlock exclusive content and enjoy exclusive rewards. You can earn a lot of these points through the game, so try earning as many as you can.



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