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How to Get Exotic Weapons in World of Warcraft

There are many ways to get exotic weapons in World of Warcraft. You can purchase them from various dealers and find them in different locations. Among these weapons are Sniper Glaive. One Thousand Voices and Cerberus+1 are also available in the game. Below are a few ways to get these weapons in the game.


Exotic weapons and armor are rare, powerful weapons that you can only equip once in the game. These weapons and armor are exclusive to each class and have unique effects. Several different mods can be installed on these weapons to change the way they handle and make them more deadly. For example, you can convert your basic Hand Cannon into a fully automatic one or change your sniper rifle so that it cloaks while you’re aiming. However, there are limitations on what these weapons can be used for.

The first component of this exotic weapon is the sniper rifle. This weapon is similar to the Shotgun with the same name, but it also deals fire damage to structures. To get this weapon, you need to fight Black Tusk bosses in Tier 5 Strongholds, or finish the Tidal Basin mission.

Another way to get this weapon is by performing activities that grant you a Mad Scientist trait. If you’re a Mad Scientist, you’ll be able to use this weapon to fire a volley of rockets. Another option is the auto rifle, which is the weapon of choice of many top players.

Exotic weapons are an excellent way to increase your chances of winning a battle. However, these weapons are not always easy to obtain. Luckily, there are several ways to buy them in Fortnite, including using Gold Bars.

Sniper glaive

The first step in obtaining the Sniper glaive exotic weapon is to complete the corresponding quest in the Wellspring Activity. To do so, the player must defeat Lucent Brood. Once the player has completed this quest, they should return to the weapon crafting area and craft three Enigma Glaives.

Once you have crafted the Glaive, you can use it to shoot projectiles, which will charge your shield. You can also use it while blocking to swing it towards a nearby target. The shield is not consumed, and you can use it even while you’re in block mode. In addition to shooting, you can also use the Glaive to defend yourself from enemies. But in order to unlock the defensive abilities of the Glaive, you must damage your enemies with it.

While this weapon is incredibly powerful, it is relatively weak compared to other exotic weapons. The downside is that it requires you to spend some time on it. This weapon is a good choice for support players, but isn’t a good option for everyone. If you’re playing as a healer, you’ll want to use Lumina or Boots of the Assembler instead. For most other players, Solar 3.0 provides enough intrinsic support abilities.

When crafting the Sniper glaive, you’ll be asked to choose the frame you’d like to use. This is an important step, as the Enigma Glaive will affect your projectile speed.

One Thousand Voices

The One Thousand Voices Exotic Weapon is one of the best weapons available in Destiny 2. However, obtaining it is not easy, and you have to make sure you do it the right way. To get one, you have to complete the Last Wish raid, which is part of the Forsaken expansion. The raid can be challenging and requires players to work in teams of two or more. This raid is best completed with the right Raid strategy, and you can also use the Wish 7 to speed up the quest.

The Ethereal Key is needed to open the chests at the end of the raid. To get this, players must first defeat the Last Wish boss Riven. Upon defeating Riven, players will receive the Ethereal Key, which they will need to open boxes at the end of the raid. In addition, they must complete the Queenswalk encounter, which involves bringing Riven’s heart across the Queenswalk. This requires teamwork and patience.

The One Thousand Voices exotic weapon is available only by completing the Last Wish raid. If you joined the game after the free to play phase, you will need to purchase the Forsaken DLC to get it. Once you have this weapon, you will be able to use it in the game.


The Cerberus+1 is a collection of four gun barrels that resembles the Greek mythological beast Cerberus. It has three heads and shoots erratic bullets from all four barrels at once. As such, it is not recommended for use in PvP. Instead, it is best suited for PvE, where its consistent DPS can demolish bosses.

It can fire 360 rounds per minute and has a 31-round magazine. The Cerberus+1 is very dangerous, particularly up close. However, it can be sped up by using a catalyst. To use the Cerberus+1, you need to collect Exotic Engrams. These can be obtained by completing missions and defeating enemies. Additionally, you can also acquire Powerful Engrams from weekly milestones.

Cryosthesia 77K

Cryosthesia 77k exotic weapons are very powerful and require a good amount of energy to use. The best way to get them is to kill a lot of enemies. Using the weapon will also help you track kills. You can get the catalyst from the Banshee-44 in the Tower. Then, you need to kill at least 700 Guardians. Depending on how well you play, this could take a while.

One of the best uses for Cryosthesia 77k is to use the catalyst to freeze enemies. This will freeze your enemies and allow you to focus on other enemies. You can also use it to slow down your enemies, allowing you to deal good damage without worrying about losing ammo.

Using the catalyst will upgrade the weapon to Masterwork. It will allow you to generate Orbs from multikills, add a tracker for the targets you kill, and make the weapon more reliable than before. The catalyst will also enable you to get Cold Efficiency, which is a nice feature since freezing targets refills your weapon’s magazine.

Another cool feature of Cryosthesia 77k is that you can upgrade its power by shattering frozen enemies. The charge shot can also be used to upgrade the weapon. It is the only Kinetic weapon that deals elemental damage. It is also the first weapon in the game that has a Stasis effect. This weapon can be obtained by playing Destiny 2: Beyond Light on the PC, PS4 or PS5 and is also available for Xbox One.

Division 2 shotgun

In the PvP mode, the shotgun is an extremely useful weapon. It will allow you to do chain kills and wipe out squads. The weapon also has a number of unique features. For example, destroying weakpoints will refill your weapon’s magazine by 20%. You can also use a special shotgun called the Lullaby, which is a bandanna-clad SPAS-12 shotgun that is available from the Capital Defender pack.

The M1A is one of the most versatile weapons in the game. It can be used to make devastating explosive builds. It’s best to get this weapon in higher difficulty levels, which will yield better loot drops and a higher chance of obtaining the Exotic version of the shotgun. Each kill you complete with this shotgun will also refill the weapon magazine by 20% and give you a 10 second buff.

Another Exotic shotgun is the Sweet Dreams Exotic shotgun, which grants a 35% bonus armor buff and applies a Sandman debuff to enemies. This debuff prevents enemies from using armor kits or healing. The shotgun will also reload one of your weapon magazines when you do a dodge.

The Remington 870 is another option for a PvE shotgun. This shotgun feels natural to use and has a high RPM. It is very effective but can be difficult to use incorrectly. It also lacks solid per-shot stopping power. The reload time is also long.



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