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How to Get a Buddy on Pokemon Go

If you’re wondering how to get a buddy in Pokemon Go, you’ve come to the right place. This article will cover how to get a buddy, feed your Pokemon, and get a Best Buddy ribbon. You’ll also discover how to raise your buddy’s level and increase their mood.

Feeding your buddy

Feeding your buddy is a great way to keep it happy. By doing this, you fill their hunger meter, which appears at the top of your screen in Quick Treat and AR modes. Feeding a Poffin will also give your buddy extra affection hearts. The number of affection hearts your buddy can earn daily is limited, so it is important to regularly feed your buddy.

Feeding your buddy is an easy way to keep your Pokemon happy and increase your Buddy Level. This feature can be performed from the same screen as the Playing with Buddy feature. To feed your Buddy, click on its face in the app and then pick up a Berry or Poffin. Once the meter is full, your Buddy Pokemon will join you in your adventures.

Feeding your Buddy will earn you hearts and berries. When you feed your Buddy, you must throw the berry into its mouth. The berry you throw won’t be lost if you miss. If your Buddy is fully fed, it will follow you around the map and walk with you for a certain amount of time.

You can choose a new buddy by tapping on its face in the overworld or personal menu. You can also tap your buddy’s avatar in the bottom left of the overworld. If you’ve caught a Pokemon with your buddy, you’ll see a picture of it next to your portrait.

Feeding your buddy will fill his hunger meter automatically and boost his Mood to Excited. A Poffin will cost you 100 PokeCoins but it will keep your Buddy happy and excited for a longer time. Feeding a Poffin to your buddy Pokemon will increase your Buddy’s happiness and heart level and help you earn as many as you can each day.

To feed your buddy, you must first check his/her food meter, and when it reaches half or less, give it a treat. Your buddy will receive a heart as a reward. Repeat this as necessary three times a day.

Boosting a Pokemon’s Mood

Poffins are a great way to boost your buddy’s mood in Pokemon Go. Poffins are purchased in the in-game shop and cost 100 PokeCoins. When you give your buddy a Poffin, it will instantly increase its mood and fill its heart meter. This will keep your buddy active and happy for at least six hours. Feeding your buddy with a Poffin also lowers its walking distance.

Boosting your Pokemon’s mood will earn you more hearts, which will improve your Pokemon’s overall mood and help you upgrade faster. Boosting the mood of your Pokemon will also give you access to bonus items, perks, and extra heart rewards. This method is not the only way to boost a Pokemon’s mood in Pokemon GO, however.

The best way to boost your Pokemon’s mood in Pokemon Go is to feed it a Poffin. Poffins cost 100 gold each, but will make your buddy’s mood happy and full for up to six hours. The best part is that you can use the 100 gold for another purpose.

Another way to boost your Pokemon’s mood in Pokemon Go is to swap your buddy. You can swap your Buddy Pokemon every 20 minutes, which will not reset your progress towards the next level of the game. In addition to this, poffins will raise the mood of your buddy Pokemon. It’s also worth spending the extra money on them if you want them to last longer.

You can also use your Buddy’s photo disc to boost his or her mood. You can earn hearts by battling with them, taking snapshots, spinning a PokeStop, or completing other activities with them. These actions will earn you up to 20 hearts a day, but they only count if you are in Adventure mode.

Getting a Best Buddy Ribbon

Getting a Best Buddy Ribbon on Pokemon GO is one of the goals of the game. Buddy rewards can be earned by walking with your buddy, visiting new places, or battling. Buddy can also be leveled up by eating treats. In addition to earning rewards, you can become a Best Buddy by visiting new places and taking pictures with your buddy.

In order to get a Best Buddy Ribbon on Pokemon Go, you have to reach a certain stage in the game. Then, you can show off your badge. In addition, you can equip a Best Buddy Ribbon on your Pokemon to give them an advantage in combat. Moreover, this badge will increase your Pokemon’s CP.

In addition to that, Best Buddy Pokemon get a CP boost every time they are used as a buddy. This boost can really come in handy, especially when competing in the Master League. These CP Boosts will give your Pokemon an extra boost when they are in the middle of a match.

If you want to earn hearts faster, you should try walking with your Buddy to collect hearts. You can gain up to four hearts for walking together. Each heart you earn will also add up to the number of hearts you’ll get by feeding your Buddy a Berry or Poffin. Taking a picture of your Buddy can also help you get bonus Hearts.

Getting a Best Buddy Ribbon on Pokemon GO is relatively easy. In fact, you can do it in a few weeks if you follow a few simple steps. First of all, you need to collect 300 hearts for your Pokemon. Second, you must make sure that you feed them daily. Thirdly, you need to rename your Pokemon to make it easier for you to find them.

As you can see, getting a Best Buddy Ribbon on Pokemon Go is a very important goal for ambitious trainers. It can be an exciting challenge that rewards your efforts. If you are successful, you’ll get a cute ribbon and a CP boost during battles.

Increasing a Pokemon’s Buddy Level

If you have already partnered with a Pokemon, you can start boosting its Buddy Level to get more hearts. To do this, you can feed it berries or poffin. In addition, you can passively earn hearts by walking with your buddy. You can also reward your Pokemon by petting them and playing with them.

When a Pokemon reaches Best Buddy level, you can use its special abilities to help you in battle. A Best Buddy Pokemon has a badge that tells the other player that they are a good friend and can help you catch more Pokemon. It also gets a mechanical boost in battle, making it easier to defeat opponents. Furthermore, your Pokemon will have twice as much CP when you use him as a buddy.

When you’re playing Pokemon GO, increasing a Pokemon’s Buddy Level is important for boosting your Pokemon’s power. It’s also good practice to bring your Pokemon to the Master League and Battle League to help them evolve. Some Pokemon are only able to evolve after reaching a certain friendship level, so you should try to evolve them while they’re still in early stages of evolution.

You can change a Pokemon’s Buddy Level as often as you want, but you’ll only be able to change it up to 20 times a day. It’s also important to note that it will affect your game’s difficulty level, and you will have to work harder to achieve high levels. However, it’s worth it in the long run.

If you want to increase a Pokemon’s Buddy Level, you can make a move in a way that will help them earn more Candy. There are many different ways to do this. One method is by choosing a Pokemon that needs Candy. The other way is by selecting a Pokemon that doesn’t appear in the wild very often.

Another way to increase a Pokemon’s Buddy Level is to feed it berries. The berries must be placed in the mouth of your buddy for it to receive any benefits. You can also buy Poffins that will fill your Buddy’s hunger meter automatically. This will fill your Buddy’s meter and keep it full for a longer period of time. You can also feed your buddy by throwing berries to it. If your Pokemon is full, he will walk with you for a certain period of time.



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