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How to Beat Palkia in Pokemon Go

If you’re wondering how to beat Palkia, there are several things you can do to make the fight as easy as possible. The best way to beat Palkia is to team up with at least two top-level Trainers. However, if you don’t have the best counters, you may need as many as five. Weather is also an important factor, as wind boosts Palkia’s Dragon and Fire type moves. Sunny, clear weather will help your attacks, and cloudy weather will help you deal with its Fairy type counters.


When learning how to beat Rayquaza in Pokemon Go, you need to be ready to work as a team. This powerful Legendary Pokemon has many weaknesses and requires teamwork to defeat. Ice-type Pokemon are most effective against Rayquaza, especially Mamoswine, Weavile, and Glaceon. Other Pokemon that can defeat Rayquaza include Rock Pokemon and Fairy Pokemon.

Rayquaza is a powerful legendary Pokemon that is known for its awesome design and high level attack power. It is also the most powerful dragon-type weapon in the game, and only one in 19 players will encounter a shiny version of this monster. Fortunately, there are some tricks you can use to beat Rayquaza.

Dragonite can deal significant damage to Rayquaza and should be positioned in the back. Tyranitar and Gardevoir are also good Pokemon to use to weather Rayquaza’s damage. However, you should only use them if you think that Rayquaza is weak.

Taking advantage of a rare chance to catch Rayquaza is vital. You can capture it only during Weather Week, from March 27th to March 28th. During the event, you can catch a Shiny Rayquaza. It will give you a chance to capture one of the legendary Pokemon and learn about its legendary abilities.

Rayquaza is the ultimate Dragon-type Pokemon in Pokemon Go and is incredibly tough to beat in a Raid. This legendary Pokemon is rarer than Mewtwo or Groudon, so it is best to use your best Pokemon to beat it. You should also use a backup trainer to ensure that your Pokemon is strong enough to survive.

The best way to beat Rayquaza in Pokemon GO is to call four or five players with the top counter Pokemon and Ice-type moves. This strategy will allow you to maximize your chances of winning and to make the raid run smoothly.

Mega Charizard X

Mega Charizard X is a legendary Pokemon and one of the first Mega Evolutions in Pokemon GO. Mega Evolutions require Mega Energy, which is necessary to bring Pokemon to higher levels. Luckily, there are many strategies that you can use to defeat this monster.

The first thing you need to do is evaluate your pokemon. Mega Charizard X is a Fire and Dragon type, which means that it has access to Dragon and Fire type moves. It also has weaknesses against Rock, Dragon, and Ground types. To beat Mega Charizard X, you need to learn how to counter these types.

A good counter to Mega Charizard X is a Dragon-type Pokemon. This Pokemon is also weak to Water-type Pokemon. Groudon’s Dragon Tail move can be useful against Mega Charizard X. Another option is Rampardos.

Mega Charizard X is a challenging monster. The best strategy for beating it involves using your best Pokemon. Mega Charizard X can be difficult to defeat in this way, so you will want to prepare. There are many ways to do so. You can use a variety of attack types, including Rock, Dragon, and Fire. The key is to know which moves Mega Charizard X is weak to and which attacks can damage it the most.

The easiest way to beat Mega Charizard X is to have a team of 3 to five trainers. Two top-level Trainers are best suited for this task, but it may require four or five if you’re not a top-level trainer. For the best results, use your strongest dragons. You may even find the shiny form after beating Mega Charizard X.

Mega Giratina

In the game of Pokémon Go, you can learn how to beat Mega Giratina by using the correct Pokemon type. Usually, the best type to use against Giratina is the Fairy type, but if you don’t have one, you should consider Dragon or Dark type Pokemon instead. They will perform better against this Pokemon and will be able to resist its attacks.

Despite being the best Pokémon in the game, Giratina has many weaknesses. First, she’s weak to Dragon and Ice types, which make her a weak matchup in the Go Battle League. Also, her Altered Forme is weak against Fairy, Dark, and Ghost types.

Luckily, you can still capture the Legendary Giratina in the game. The Altered Forme Giratina can only be found in the Distortion World, and it can only be captured when Giratina is holding a Griseous Orb. The Altered Forme Giratin will be much stronger than the Original Forme Giratina, but it won’t be as fast or as strong as the former.

Another way to defeat Giratina is by using Dragonite. Dragonite has been available since the Pokemon Go launch, so most players have already built a team consisting of this Pokemon. Dragonite is an excellent choice against Giratina because it’s Flying and can take a large chunk of her attacks.

To fight Mega Giratina, you should start by choosing the right Pokemon to use in your Raid Battle lineup. Choose a Dragon or Ghost-type Pokemon to counter Giratina. You can also use the same-type Pokemon in your lineup to deal with its weaknesses. Those with the same type attack as Giratina will benefit from the same-type attack bonus. This means that they’ll deal 20% more damage.


This Dragon type Pokemon is a great choice for players who are looking to beat Palkia in the mobile game. It is not a legendary Pokemon, but it is still extremely hard to capture, and it is often featured in Ultra League competitions. Because it is such an effective PvE Pokemon, it is the perfect choice for defeating Palkia. Dragonite has two special moves that can help you defeat Palkia: dragon tail and charged dragon tail.

Dragon-type Pokemon have a distinct advantage over water-type Pokemon when it comes to combating Palkia. While it can learn water-type moves and resist dragon-type attacks, it will be more effective using dragon-type moves against Palkia. The best attacks against Palkia are Charged Attack Draco Meteor and Fast Attack Dragon Tail.

While Palkia can be used against other Dragon-type Pokemon, it is best to use Dragon tail and Draco Meteor to get the most damage from the Dragon-type Pokemon. These two moves can be used in both PVP and battles against Palkia.

Dragon-type Pokemon have superior stats against Palkia. Despite its weakness to Water-type Pokemon, it is still worth considering because it has amazing stats, which make it one of the best Pokemon to use in this game. However, if you don’t have any of the best counters, you may need more than two players to beat Palkia. During the match, the weather will make a huge difference – sunny/clear weather will boost Palkia’s Dragon type moves, while rain and cloudy weather boost her Fairy type attacks.

Dragonite is one of the best Dragon-type Pokemon in the game, and it can easily defeat Palkia in the game. It is also highly effective against Dragon-type Pokemon. However, if you want to take advantage of this rare Pokemon, you need to learn how to use it effectively. You can also get it as a Shiny form if you’re lucky enough.


There are three ways to deal with Dialga in Pokemon Go. The first method is to dodge its meteors and avoid being hit by them. Dialga/Palkia will summon meteors every so often, so you should dodge these as much as possible. The second method is to use teleportation.

To catch Dialga, you will need a full team of six Pokemon. You can then capture its shiny form after defeating it. However, you must remember that this Pokemon has weak attacks and moves that can damage it. Dialga is weak against all Pokemon below it.

Dialga is a Dragon-type Pokemon. If you want to fight it, you must make sure that your Pokemon are Shadow-type and have all their moves unlocked. This will help you deal with the Dragon-type Pokemon as well as the non-Shadow types.

Dialga has amazing stats but a weak move pool. While it can be a good raider, it does lack the moves to make the most of its stats. It also doesn’t take increased damage from Dragon moves, which makes it an underpowered attacker. Despite its weaknesses, it is still worth your time to take on Dialga and work together to defeat it.

The best Pokemon to use for battle with Dialga are Machamp, Lucario, and Conkeldurr. New additions to the game are Mareanie and Toxapex, which you may want to take advantage of. This season is also a time for new research quests, including A Cosmic Companion and A Mysterious Incense.

You can also use Dialga in raids, but you should be aware that you’ll need a Pokemon of a ground type or a fighting type. This Pokemon is particularly useful in Master League PvP and Grunt battles and is a popular trade item.



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