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Genshin Impact – How to Get the Catch Genshin in Inazuma

If you’re wondering how to get the catch genshin in Inazuma, you’ve come to the right place. Genshin Impact is a fishing unlockable in the Inazuma area of the game. This article will show you how to get the catch genshin in Inazuma and give you some tips for catching the most amazing fish. In addition, we’ll also tell you where to catch the Raimei Angelfish!

Inazuma Fishing Association

Genshin Impact is a fishing game that requires you to catch various fish to increase your fishing score. This game can be played on mobile devices, PCs, PS4 and PS5 as well as Nintendo Switch. To get the Catch, you must travel to the Byakko Plains and speak to an NPC. She will then sell you The Catch in exchange for 6x Raimei Angelfish.

The Inazuma Fishing Association is located between the city of Inazuma and Byakko Plain. You can find it by following the blue arrow on your map. Once you’ve gotten the fish you need, you can trade it at the association and earn some rewards. It’s important to remember that some fish are only available during certain times of the day or at night.

You can also buy fishing rods from the association. The Wishmaker fishing rod is an item you can buy to shorten the time it takes to catch fish in Liyue. It also sells the Pool of Sapphire Grace blueprint, which is useful for crafting an ornamental pond. The Inazuma Fishing Association can also be found at the Narukami Island, which is a narrow island between Inazuma City and Amakane Island.

To get The Catch, you must fish at the Inazuma Fishing Association. This fish is limited to a few places and has a three-day respawn time. It is also important to fish at the Inazuma Fishing Association so you can exchange the fish for items you want. You can also fish at other people’s worlds. This way, you’ll get double or triple the amount of fish you’ve been catching.

Kujirai Momiji

To be able to sell your catch at the Kujirai Momiji, you must have a Fishing System. This will require you to catch fish in order to obtain The Catch, which is a four-star polearm. To get to this vendor, you must travel between Byakko Plain and Inazuma City. Here, you will find several shops selling these materials. To get a Kujirai Momiji, you must be level 20 or higher.

After completing this quest, you will have to talk to the Kujirai Momiji, who lives in Inazuma City. This NPC is a member of the Inazuma Fishing Association. When you talk to him, he will tell you to meet him on the western beach. When you do so, you will be able to trade with him and earn valuable notes. But you must keep in mind that he will not give you his notes if you do not speak to him.

Once you have obtained your Fishing Association, you can use The Catch to get the four-star Polearm. This is an essential weapon for characters that rely on Energy Recharge, so you should collect them as soon as possible. This way, you’ll also get a better chance of obtaining the other four-star weapons that you need to progress. And if you are wondering where to find the Kujirai Momiji, you can visit it northwest of Inazuma City, next to a waypoint.

Kujirai Momiji is a location where you can trade items for the XP they give you. He can be found near the water and will give you The Catch, but you can’t buy Glowgrass Bait from him until you’ve learned to craft the new item. This can be done at your crafting bench. However, you can’t use the Glowgrass Bait in locations other than events.

Tsurumi Island

To complete the quest “A Particularly Particular Author” in the world quest “Through The Mists”, players will need to find two people, Sumida and Riotu, and speak to them. Sumida is located in the northeast part of Inazuma City, behind a building on a wooden platform. Riotu is located northwest of Inazuma City, past Konda Village. Once you’ve spoken to Kama, the quest will teleport you to Tsurumi Island.

After clearing the mist from Tsurumi Island, players must head south and begin the Through the Mists World Quest. After completing this quest, players will receive the Seirai Stormchasers achievement, enabling them to sail to Tsurumi Island. While sailing to Tsurumi Island, players will not make very much progress. To reach Ruu, they must talk to Kama in Riotu and complete a quest to clear the fog.

Once you’ve defeated all four enemies in the first area of the game, you can then proceed to the second level of the game. When you’re ready, head to the next location, Shirikoro Peak, where you’ll find twisted trees similar to those on Kannazuka. These trees will scatter feathers, and you must collect them to complete the quest. If you can return the feathers to the perches, you’ll clear the fog around Tsurumi Island.

Continuing to unlock the last Electroculus in Genshin Impact is a great way to find more Electroculus. This location is located northwest of the Moshiri Kara domain, but players can reach it without unlocking the area first. Once you’ve climbed up the cliff, you’ll see a new location, and you’ll see it easily. Once you’ve landed, you’ll be rewarded with a high-level Genshin that can help them with other tasks.

Raimei Angelfish

A Raimei Angelfish is a rare fish that can be caught with a Fishing Rod. You cannot use bows or bare hands to catch these fish. Fortunately, you can acquire Narukawa Ukai to fish for this fish. This fishing rod is best obtained from the Inazuma Fishing Association’s Exchange. Raimei Angelfish eat False Worm bait and are craftable with Slime Condensate.

To catch Raimei Angelfish, you must first collect some Genshin characters. These creatures will spawn during the nighttime, between 1800 and 0600. They won’t appear during the day, so you must be patient to catch them. The spawning time of the Raimei Angelfish is three real-world days, or 72 hours in game time. To obtain more Raimei Angelfish, you must be patient enough to wait at night. You can also fish in other players’ worlds.

Raimei Angelfish can be found only in the Inazuma region. They are only found near a shipwreck south of the Kujou Encampment. When you approach the shipwreck, use Cryo characters to freeze the water around it. Be careful though, as you’ll likely encounter a few enemies. Make sure you avoid the electro Abyss Mage to ensure a successful catch. Raimei Angelfish spawn at 6 p.m.

You can also turn in caught fish to a Fishing Association NPC in Inazuma. This NPC sells Fish and Refined Catch, which is the most powerful polearm weapon in the game. After three days, the Angelfish will spawn again in that same spot, so be prepared to go back several times for the same catch. This is a good way to get more Raimei Angelfish, as it will increase your level-cap.

Bitter Pufferfish

You can use a fishing spear to catch a Bitter Pufferfish. The first thing you need is a fake fly, which you can make with alchemy. The cherry blossom and ponytail will work perfectly for this. After crafting 10 baits, you will need to wait for a Pufferfish to swim by. This will be your first time fishing for this species and you will be rewarded with three fresh pieces of fish.

A good location to find a Pufferfish is at Liyue Harbor in the Sea of Clouds. Just north of the ship is an embankment on the water. North of Springvale in the Windwail Highland is Fort Hiraumi. If you’re not familiar with the location, just look for an island east of Koseki village. Alternatively, you can fish in the Seirai Island portion of the map.

To catch a Pufferfish, you need to have the Serenitea Pot, which unlocks fishing. You can then fish for the Pufferfish using Fake Fly Bait, which can be crafted with Horsetail and Sakura Bloom. You can also buy this recipe from Nantuck, an NPC in the Mondstadt Fishing Association. It can be made by combining three Medaka fish, which will then be the bait for the Pufferfish.

If you have difficulty finding this fish, the best way to get this legendary creature is to fast-forward the game’s time by 12 hours and visit each location that you can. The best route is the one that starts in Mondstadt, heads to Liyue, and then to Inazuma. This way, you’ll be able to avoid accidental fishing spots, which is an additional bonus.



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